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IR 온도계 T120H 열영상 형성기 카메라

IR 온도계 T120H 열영상 형성기 카메라

IR 온도계 T120H 열영상 형성기 카메라
IR Thermometer T120H Thermal Imager Camera
IR 온도계 T120H 열영상 형성기 카메라
제품 상세 정보:
원래 장소: 중국
브랜드 이름: GUIDE
인증: CE, RoHS, FCC
모델 번호: T120H
결제 및 배송 조건:
최소 주문 수량: 양도할 수 있는
가격: Negotiable
포장 세부 사항: 194mm *61.5mm *76mm
배달 시간: 5-7 작업 일
지불 조건: TT
공급 능력: 3000 세트/달
상세 제품 설명
제품 이름: 열 사진기를 가리는 발열 기술: 적외선 온도 기록, AI 산법
임시 직원 정확도: 0.5 ℃ 특징: 휴대용과 조정 작풍
IR 사진기: 120x90 화소 건강한 경보: 자동적인 건강한 경보
소프트웨어 기능: 발열을 검출하십시오 경우의 저장을 위한 자동 추적 그리고 건강한 경보 디자인 포상: 만약에 디자인인 경우에
하이 라이트:

T120H 열영상 형성기 카메라


온도계 발열 선별 검사 시스템

T120H IR Thermometer Thermal Imager Camera for Elevated Temp Screening


Product Description


GUIDE T120H Fever Screening Thermal Camera is a fast temperature detection tool, which can be used to detect human temperature from a safety distance with accuracy of ±0.5℃. It is an economical and practical thermal camera that could meet the needs of primary temperature screening well. With two intelligent temperature screening modes, GUIDE T120H is not only suitable for flexible temperature screening, but also can be deployed at the entrances and exits of the public area, which makes it an ideal device to improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and protect public health.


Product Features


T120H Features


Adopt the high sensitive WLP IR detector with independent intellectual property rights

Fast temperature detection, automatic fever identification and alarm

1-meter safe detection distance, low risk of infection, no disturb to detected person

Support to save up to 100,000 images, can check temperature data

TYPE-C interface, 2.5H fast charge, battery time up to 8H.

Compact and portable, suitable for mobile detection, also can be fixed by optional tripod




T120H Suggested Scenario


Single Mode

In the real-time IR thermal image, ensure the “detected human face” is in the center of the frame.

Press the trigger to freeze the image and display the temperature.

Press the trigger again to save the image and return to the real-time IR thermal image.

IR 온도계 T120H 열영상 형성기 카메라 0


Fast Mode

In the real-time IR thermal image, highest temp in the image will be auto-tracked.

And once elevated temp detected, the image will be captured and saved automatically.

IR 온도계 T120H 열영상 형성기 카메라 1




T120H IR Fever Warning Systems are suitable for large-scale temperature screening of airports, railway stations and other high traffic public places to control and reduce the spread of virus with fever symptom.


IR 온도계 T120H 열영상 형성기 카메라 2

Category Item Specification
IR Detector IR resolution 120*90@17μm
Detector type Uncooled Vox/7.5~14μm
Frame Rate 25HZ
NETD 60mk
Focal Length/F# 2.28mm/F1.13
FOV 50°x38°
IFOV 7.6mrad
Focus Focus-free
Image Display Display type 2.4inch LCD display
Display Resolution 240*320
Image Mode IR Image
Temperature Measurement Filter Range 20℃-50℃
Accuracy ≤±0.5℃ (Ambient temperature 25 ℃, target distance 1m, target temperature 32 ℃ ~ 42 ℃, )
Measurement Point Central point
Alarm Over-temperature alarm, color prompt (preset value: 37.3℃)
Image Storage Storage Media TF card (maximum support: 32G)
Image Format Full Radiometric (JPG) (120*90)
Communication Mode USB TYPE-C, TF Card slot
Tripod Interface YES
Power System Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Operating Time >8H
Charging Time DC,≤2.5H
Enviromental Parameter Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
Encapsulation IP54,2-meter Drop Test
Others Certification CE/ROHS/FCC
Weight 350g
Dimension 194mm *61.5mm *76mm
Standard Accessories Wristband,Quick start Guide,Charging adapter, Plug, USB Type-C cable,Download card,16G TF Card


GUIDE T120H Fever Screening Thermal Camera.pdf



IR 온도계 T120H 열영상 형성기 카메라 3

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